Why Choose Ozark Races?

There are many reasons to choose Ozark Races as your next on-line registration provider…

  • We are the right size! We are large enough to handle the needs surrounding larger events, but small enough to still be able to maintain the close-knit feel that you are looking for in organizing your event.
  • Ozark Races is easy to use! Registration is only a click away and our innovative event organizer tools make your day easier.
  • Ozark Races is affordable! Ozark Races is absolutely free for all events and organizations to use and you receive the money for your event quickly and securely via Check or Direct Deposit, twice a month.

Ozark Races Services

On line Registration: Have your athletes sign up for your next event with the easiest and most secure solution around, all while paying less than other registration providers. Also have us create a free custom design template for you to make your registration process absolutely seamless.

Membership Services: Ozark Races is dedicated to bringing you the best membership services available. Keep track of your club members daily using our custom system. Even import your current membership roster!

Market Your Next Event: Let us market your next event by choosing one of our unique marketing packages and be sure to enter your event in our innovative search engine, where thousands of athletes come to find their next event.

Live Results and Live Split Times: Have live, searchable results sent out via text message, email, or even posted on a custom page. We support live split times from all major timing companies including: Chronotrack, ChampionChip, Ipico, WinningTime, and others.

Collect Donations: Create a donations page for your event or organization, or include it in your registration process for your event.